5mW green laser

5mW green laser

NOTE: Due to new laws we can not sell Green lasers to everyone.

We are allowed to sell to the following groups. 

  • astronomical societies;
  • members of astronomical societies;
  • the Police and all Police employees (as defined in the Policing Act 2008) acting in the course of their official duties;
  • people who use high-power laser pointers for scientific, research, or industrial purposes.

If you fit in to the group above you will need to e-mail me evidence of this. 
E-mail me using the contact form here and we will process your order. 
A member of an astronomical society could provide a letter attesting to their membership on the society’s letterhead;

A university researcher could provide a letter from the Department Head attesting to their need for the device for research purposes.

If you are outside these criteria you will need to apply to the Director of Health for approval. You can e-mail your approval and we can process your order. More information here

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• Extremely bright green laser at 532 nm wavelength
• Output power of <5mW @25oC (Class IIIa Laser)
• Range of approximately 9,000 ft (2600 m) in darkness
• 1.1 mm beam diameter at source
• Push button switch
• Constant wave output (as opposed to pulse output)
• Takes 2 "AAA" batteries (not included)
 No case, 
• Less than 5 min warm up time
• Operating temperature 11-30oC


This laser is too bright to be used on a white board or reflective tv screen. For presentations only the <5mW green laser should be used. The reflections from this laser can be hazardous to your eyes. A direct hit with the beam may cause permanent eye damage. This laser is not a toy and should be used with caution. This laser is powerful enough to burn holes in black plastic bags.
Never allow children to use lasers
Never shine towards anyone
Never use your laser in the vicinity of airports, roads or anywhere where it could distract someone. 


This laser is perfect for use with a telescope because the beam is clearly visible at night and you get the extra runtime with the 2x AAA batteries. 

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