7440-13 Ba15s Led bulb 200 Lumen

7440-13 Ba15s Led bulb 200 Lumen

You are buying 1 single Bulb for $17.

12V only see my other bulbs for the 12-24v version

1x 7440-13 high power leds.

It emits the light from all around the bulb making them great for marine and caravan lighting.

Ideal for use in as reverse lights in cars that take the wedge type bulbs.

LEDs are also cooler, more vibration resistant and extremely long-lasting

* Size: 2.5cm diameter x 40mm overall length
* Leds stick out 22mm past the base.
* Base 7440
* Power consumption 130mA
* 1.6 Watts
* Up to 100,000 Hours Life
* 13 high power 5050 leds
* 10 side mounted and 3 end mounted.
* 11-15v volts
* 200 Lumen
* Cool white

See the 7443 bulbs if you are looking for brake light.

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