Maglite LED bulb upgrade,2-6 Cell (C or D)

Maglite LED bulb upgrade,2-6 Cell (C or D)

LED bulb upgrade for you 2-6 cell maglite with this direct swap LED bulb. 

LED bulb upgrade for maglite and other torches. 

You are buying one maxy 5 Ultra Focusing Ultra Bright LED bulb for Maglites and other torches. 
Not only will it increase the brightness of you maglite to 200 lumens, the batteries will last around 6 times longer and the bulb will last around 100,000 hours! 

This will fit all of the maglites below.
2-6D cell
2-6C cell


Voltage 3-18v
Size:10mm*24mm(D*L) same as standard. 
Lumen: 200
Base standard :P13.5S this is the standard for most torches. 

To install just remove the old bulb and put this in its place. 

*Intense bright light: Up to 200 Lumens more than twice the light output of a standard bulb. Standard bulb for a 3 cell maglite is 48 Lumens. It is about the same brightness for a 5-6 cell maglite but the batteries will last much longer.  
*Focusability: The maxy 5 preserves the ability to focus and you can focus the beam in to a tighter spot 
*Longer battery life: About 15 Hours on 4 D cells longer with the 5 or 6 cell maglites. 
*Indestructible LED: Unlike incandescent bulbs, this will not burn out. The rated lifetime is 100,000 hours. 
This is very similar to the TerraLUX™ TLE-6EXB MiniStar5 LED Conversion Kit

To Install the LED 
Remove the standard bulb, replace with the led. 

Other torches. 
Note the bottom of the bulb is the positive. This is opposite to the EverReady dolphin so it will not work in them.

Makita. It should also work with Makita Flashlights, A-94502 / A94502 Replacement as long as the voltage is not over 18v. 
Makita BML185 / BML185W / ML140
Makita ML120 / ML141 / ML142
Makita ML143 / ML180 / ML183
Makita ML184 / ML702 / ML902  
Makita 192546-1 / A-90261 / A-90233
Makita A-94502 / A94502

Works with Milwaukee  M12, M18 lights. (Milwaukee 9.6 Volt, 12 Volt, M18 18 Volt)
Similar to the terralux led bulbs. 
Bosch GLI18V, PLI18V, Milwaukee 49-24-0165 
Black and Decker BDL18,Fire Storm FSL18 
DeWalt DW908, DW919 
Hitachi UB18D 

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