Dash board LED's

Dash board LED's

LED dashboard bulbs for cars and motorbikes such as T10, T5, Neowedge, B8.5D, B8.3D. I am unable to tell you what sort you will need but can assist in identifying your existing bulbs if you are not site. Try to Google your make/model car and LED dash conversion, someone else would have already done all the hard work for you.

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#24 T7 6.5mm led

Is the T5 too small? and the T10 too big? Then this is the bulb you need. These bulbs are used ..


12v 5mm snake LED

1x 12v Superbright 5mm with wireColours to choose from RED, BLUE, WHITE, YELLOW, GREEN, WAR..


B8.3D led dash bulb

You are buying 1x bulbThis features a super bright wide angle SMD led.Twist in B8.3d base ..


B8.5D LED dash bulb

You are buying 1x bulb. Only available in red or green.This features a super bright wide angle S..


Neowedge Type A (T3) LED

Neowedge Type A (T3) 8mmUsed to replace Center console, clock and A/C lights in dashboards etc ..


Neowedge Type B (T4) LED bulb

Neowedge Type B (T4) 10mm Used to replace center console, clock, A/C lights and dash board l..


T10 5 chip 12v

Price is per single bulbColours available: White, red, blue, amber. 180 deg light spread. ..


T5 #74 Led bulb

T5 or #74 led bulb fits ashtray/ gauges/ key surroundsThese bulbs are used behind the dash b..


t5 #75 high power

The new version of T5 has a 3 high power leds in the one led chip. Making it 3x brighter than the..