Blue Violet 50mW Laser Pointer

Blue Violet 50mW Laser Pointer

Your are buying 1x 50mW Purple Blue laser.

Shine it on something fluorescent and it will light up brightly. Also shine it on something that glows in the dark and it will instantly start glowing and continue to glow. If you have glow in the dark paint you can write on it using the laser

Max Output power: 50mW.
Wave length: 405nm.
Range in darkness: more than 1000 meters.
Power supply: AAA Batteries x2 included
Output mode: Constant Wave.
Laser color: Violet Purple Blue
Danger: This laser is very powerful, it is putting out allot more light than it looks because your eyes are not very sensitive to the 405nm wavelength.
***Warning Class 3B laser device***
* Never look directly in to the laser beam as it can cause temporary or permanent eye damage before you can blink. Extreme caution should always be taken when using the laser around people
* The laser should not be shone at reflective surfaces as the beam may shine in any direction.
* Keep product away from children
* Never shine the laser near any aircraft/vehicles

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