Laser range finder with pin seeker 700m

Out Of Stock Laser range finder with pin seeker 700m
You are buying 1x Laser Range finder with built in pin seeking technology 
2 Year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with it. 
Great for Golf, this will tell you how faraway you are from where you need to hit so you can select the correct club. 
This is not the cheap type that attempts to work out how faraway you are by measuring the length of the pin. The laser range finder will fire a laser off to the point you want to measure and time how long it takes to reflect back, this is then calculated in to distance + or - 1m! 
With Pin seeker technology. Range finders with out the pin seeker function struggle to pickup the flag and pin. With pin seeker it will filter out the background and lock in to the pin when you are with in 2-300m of the pin. 
Hold down the Mode button to change from meters to Yards. Twist the view finder to adjust the dioptics for your vision. 
It can also be used for hunting and sighting in your rifle. 
Note: This is not a fake or a copy, It has all the same functions as the expensive brands that sell for twice as much.  
Measuring Range of 6-700M 
Object lens size 23mm 
Magnification 6X 
Field of view 7° 
Range measure accuracy ±1 M 
Battery 1x CR2-3V included 
Net Weight 185g 
Dimensions 104x72x41mm 
Eye relief 12mm
Model: ledbulbs x-1000
Comes with: 
Gift Box 
Laser range finder 
Lens cleaning cloth 
Carry pouch 

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