Home Leds

Home Leds

Led bulbs for your home, Save money on power and you wont have to replace dead bulbs all the time. We are currently expanding this range. We have cabinet lights, Mr16, MR11, ES, Ediscon screw, E14 candle type bulbs and more. 

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MR11 led bulb 8-30v 2.1w

MR11 Led replacement bulb for boats, caravans, campers, Rv and cabinetsOnly available in cool white ..


MR16, 8-30v 2.4W

You are buying one MR16 LED bulb with 15 high power LED chips mounted on it. MR16 Led replacement b..


Led interior light surface or Flush mount - 2W LED

You are buying 1x Interior led light with 24 Leds  This low profile fitting puts out about the..


Led interior light with touch switch - 2W LED

You are buying 1x Surface mount Interior led light with 24 Leds and built in touch switch. ..