WIFI RGB strip light controller android & iphone

Out Of Stock WIFI RGB strip light controller android & iphone

You are buying a WIFI remote and interface for our changing colour strip lights for our wifilights

How to use 
1. Connect the receiver box to the strip light, 
you can now use the WIFI remote to control the strip light, dial up a colour or change modes. 

To use it with a Iphone, ipad or Android device 
Plugin the WIFI interface to any USB port for power, pair it with the WIFI remote. 
Download the free app for your device from your App store 
Connect to the interface using your wifi and start the app. 
Now you can change the colour, brightness and modes on your device. 

You can also configure the interface to talk to your home router, so you can stay connected to your standard WIFI and still use this. 

We will be getting in more lights that you can control with this such as Down lights and light bulbs for standard fittings. It has the ability to store different rooms and items connected to it. 

Comes with 
Wifi receiver box (connects to the strip light) 
Wifi remote controller 
WIFI receiver -this talks to your phone, home WIFI and the WIFI interface 
USB cord for power. 

See our listings for the led changing colour strip lights, this will work with the 5050 RGB strip lights waterproof and non waterproof. It will not work with our chasing led strip lights.

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