44mm festoon 2W led

Out Of Stock 44mm festoon 2W led

44mm 2Watt LED festoon bulbs for car, caravan, Rv and marine


Blue, red, pink and green only
For white see the 44mm Festoon 8-28v. 6 SMD leds http://ledbulbs.co.nz/product_info.php/products_id/110 Huge power savings with 2x one watt LED lights in a standard 44mm 12-volt festoon bulb.
These are the brightest led festoon bulbs avaiable

Ideal for use in galley and watch-keeper's all-night lighting for all boats where battery power is at a premium

It provides as much light as a 10W filament bulb which uses 10 times as much power.
The LED bulb can be used in any lamp using a normal filament festoon bulb. Just remove the old bulb and fit this one in its place.

LEDs are also cooler, more vibration resistant and extremely long-lasting. These bulbs will work in navigation light but do not meet marine standards so you are using them at your own risk. If you find they are not bright enough I can provide a refund. For best results choose the same colour led bulb as the lens they are shining through

• Size 44mm
• Power consumption 166mA (2W)
• Up to 100,000 Hours Life
• 2x 1W internal LEDs



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