Mr16, 8-30v warm white 5W

Mr16, 8-30v  warm white 5W

You are buying one Mr16 led bulb with 15 high power led chips mounted on it.
This is not 5W 380 Lumen

MR16 Led replacement bulbs for boats, caravans and cabinets and displays will replace your power hungry halogen bulb.*

This bulb is wide angle and is a direct fit for your old bulb, It gives off about the same amount of light as a 20W Incandescent Bulb. Simply plug it in to the old socket.

These are great for use where you want to save power such as a Boat or campervan. Or for use as backlighting, retail, object lighting or Home Led lighting etc.

LED lights give of no heat and have a power saving of 92% so you can leave them on for hours with out worrying about your battery.
Long life LED operating 50,000hrs.
Easy Installation using Existing socket*
Major Power savings drawing only 250mA
6 month replacement warranty
Voltage: 8-30VAC/DC
2 Pins
Lamp Base: GU5.3
size 50mm x 50mm

*The bulb may not run off all standard halogen transformers. A d.c transformer is the best option.

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