1142-6 High power leds Ba15d Forward facing

-65% 1142-6 High power leds Ba15d Forward facing

1x 1142 6 high power leds. (dual contact parallel pins) Ba15d

This bulb has 6 high power leds equivilent to about 70 standard leds or a 15W halogen bulb.

Has a built in voltage regulator and can run on any voltage between 8-30v.
It emits the light from all around the bulb making them great for marine and caravan lighting.

Ideal for use in lamps for all boats RV and busses sail boats solar power applications where battery power is at a premium

LEDs are also cooler, more vibration resistant and extremely long-lasting

* Size: 2.5cm diameter x 4cm overall length
* Base ba15d or 1142(dual contact, parallel pins)
* Power consumption 108mA
* 1.3 Watts
* Up to 100,000 Hours Life
* 6 high power led modules
* 4 side mounted and 2 end mounted.
* 12v and 24v (Not to be confused with household larger BC fittings)
* 8-30v voltage regulated
* 100 Lumen

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