Torch n Maglite leds

Torch n Maglite leds

Upgrade your maglite, torch, flashlight or headlamp with these led bulb upgrades. Batteries last longer and the bulb gives off more light in most cases. 

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1 Watt led torch upgrade

Terralux tle-1f, Upgrade any standard torch lamp, lantern, headlight, C-D maglite that runs ..


Maglite led bulb upgrade,2-6 Cell (C or D)

Led bulb upgrade for you 2-6 cell maglite with this  direct swap led bulb. LED bulb up..


Maglite tail cap switch (AA mag only)

Maglite tail cap switch (AA mag only)Never turn the head of  your MiniMag again!•Give y..


Ministar 2 Extreme TLE-5EX 140 Lumens for 2AA maglite

Terralux tle-5ex led bulb for your maglite. This is the brightest upgrade for you 2AA maglite.Dr..


MiniStar31 1000 lumen Upgrade 4-6 D cell Maglites

MiniStar31 M-EXConvert your old maglite bulb to a super bright led bulb with multi modes.  ..


tle-100 for magcharger maglite

You are buying on one 3 Watt Luxeon LED UPGRADE For your rechargable Maglite 6 hour Runtime-not 1 h..