Ministar 2 Extreme TLE-5EX 140 Lumens for 2AA maglite

Out Of Stock Ministar 2 Extreme TLE-5EX 140 Lumens for 2AA maglite

Terralux tle-5ex led bulb for your maglite. This is the brightest upgrade for you 2AA maglite.

Drop in this Direct replacement bulb in to your (2) AA mini Maglite increase light output to tatical levels and save on batteries and is easy to install. 
Batteries last 2x longer

Why throw away your high quality maglite when you can upgrade it to the latest led technology

This bulb puts out intense bright (140 Lumens). This bulb features a semi electronically regulated circuit which means the light does not fade as the batterys drain. So the output is still very bright even as the batterys get weaker.

Plus you are still able to focus you maglite from a flood light to a spot light.

* Pure white light
* 100,000 hour rated LED life
* Bulb wont blow if it gets a shock like standard bulbs
* PowerPush technology regulates constant light output and stays bright even with low batteries
* 6 month replacement warranty

Install video

Perfect for security, Safety light, emergency light, cycling light, caving torch, climbing torch, camping torches, exploring light, hiking, boat, car, fishing power outage light. Maglite, maglight mag-light. Gun making bore scope.
(maglite not included)

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