Trailer lights 10~30V, LED with wiring kit and 7 pin plug - E Mark certification waterproof

Trailer lights 10~30V, LED with wiring kit and 7 pin plug - E Mark certification waterproof

You are buying one pair of waterproof LED trailer lights (2x lights) with complete wiring harness and standard flat 7 pin plug.


You can buy cheaper lights, but they probably won't have E Mark approval, so check before you buy!

Just fit the lights to your trailer using the bolts and nuts supplied, secure the wires and plug into your flat 7 pin socket.

These are multi voltage, so will work on any voltage between 9v and 30v.

LED lights draw much less current than conventional filament bulbs and produce minimal heat.

Wiring harness details:

Cable length from 7 pin plug to T junction: 6.95 metres

Cable length from T junction to light: 1.1 metres, so it will have a maximum available width of 2,2 metres.

Cable junctions; waterproof screw type glands.

Power draw per light: 3.7W

Tail/Turn/Stop Size:108X102X46mm 

LED color:  red,amber 

Voltage :10~30V,DC 

Approvals: E Mark, ECE, EMC R10 

Mountings : Bolt Mounting

Bolts: 17mm long. Spacing: 45mm centres complete with nuts and washers.

Waterproof IP65

Lens: PC

Body: PC

Reflector: PC

Warranty: 2 years (RTB)

Please note: 

LED indicator lights use very little power, about one-tenth the amount required by standard incandescent light bulbs. This can cause some wiring systems to not "see" the trailer lights because their current draw is so low. If this is the case, you will need a load resistor for each LED bulb you install on a turn signal circuit. Resistors are inexpensive and can be purchased from local electrical stores. If you are not sure how to install resistors, please contact your auto electrician.

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