1142-18SMD-BA15D LED bulb

1142-18SMD-BA15D LED bulb


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You are buying one BA15D LED bulb.

These LED bulbs are the brightest available, featuring the latest technology allowing them to run on any voltage between 8v and 30v. It uses 18 surface mounted high power LEDs 
Note: They have a built in voltage regulator, the 12v only versions are cheaper, however they do not last as long as the voltage fluctuations can shorten the life of the LED. 

These are a direct fit for your old bulb with 2 contacts and parallel pins. 

Electronic current limiting - 8-30 V DC - bi-polarity
Dual contact (positive and negative on the base) BA15D
Parallel pins
Will work on 12v and 24v systems
Power consumption: 2.4w
330 Lumen

Colour: cool white or warm white.

Length: 45 mm
Protrusion out of socket: 25mm
Diameter on top: 20mm

Note: These are a double contact bulb, but only one filament (circuit), so they do not replace a conventional stop/tail light bulb, which has two circuits.