240w LED light bar 12-24v

240w LED light bar 12-24v


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You are buying 1x 240W 42" LED flood/spot light bar. 

It has a combination of flood and spot LED's so you can get the light where you need it as well as flood the area so you can see what you are doing and where you are going. 

Comes with brackets that can be easily adjusted and mounted with rubber anti vibration feet.

Power: 240W 
Voltage: 9-32V 
Lumens output: 24000LM
80x 3W LED's total, being:
32x flood 60° LED's and 48x spot LED's 30° LED's
Colour temperature: 6,000K 
Working life: 50,000 hours 
Working temperature: -40~ 85
Size: 1007mm length (excluding brackets), 120mm height with bracket, 90mm depth
Weight 1.8kg
Fully waterproof IP67 
Full aluminium construction 
Cooling fins on the back

12 Month replacement warranty


Makes for easy installation of all LED lights and lightbars. 

Wiring harness complete with switch, 40A relay and 30A fuse.

Installation instructions. 
Connect the positive and negative to the battery
Connect the positive and negative to the LED light bar(s) or light(s).
Mount the switch inside and plug the switch in to the harness.

 Measurements from the relay to the lights, 3 metres.

 From the switch to the relay, 3 metres.